Limited Ana Humanleather Benefit Shirt.

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Image of Limited Ana Humanleather Benefit Shirt.

borders are decidedly not lit. my good friend ana was recently barred re-entry to america. she unknowingly overstayed a visa by a little bit in 2014 and was denied entry a few weeks ago when trying to return from visiting her parents. in true arizona fashion, she was violently searched and then held in custody without food for 24 hours. in this PTSD inducing trip which required a 16 hour stint in the emergency room, she was told that her visa was being revoked and she may be barred entry for five years.

ana just got into film school in pittsburgh, she has been married to an american citizen for a year, draws hella lit album art for many bands, and is an all-around badass lady. 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go to her legal fund. the image on the shirt is a drawing of ana as done by her husband and friend of the family, matt wallenstein. these are limited to 50.


Image of Limited Ana Humanleather Benefit Shirt.